Walkathon Slogans

Walkathon Slogans

Here are the official Themes and Slogans for Family Day Walkathon, Placards will be available before the walk for participants to use:

Theme A: Relationships

  1. I love my PARENTS
  2. I love my MOTHER
  3. I love my FATHER
  4. I love my FAMILY
  5. Paradise is under the feet of MOTHER
  6. My MOTHER is my ideal
  7. My FATHER is my ideal
  8. I owe my PARENTS
  9. My BROTHER is my best friend
  10. My SISTER is my best friend
  11. Our CHILDREN are our HOPE
  12. CHILDREN are blessing of GOD

Theme B: Family Values 

  1. More SHARING, less suffering
  2. Mutual RESPECT, happy family
  3. EMPATHY, reduces suffering
  4. Family is about who you CARE
  5. My family is my RESPONSIBILITY
  6. LOVE can never go wrong
  7. Family is circle of LOVE
  8. HONESTY is the best policy (even within family)
  9. GENEROSITY is not about money but kindness
  10. TRUST is like glue to hold family together
  11. Assure SAFETY at home
  12. Loving Family means HAPPINESS
  13. CHARITY begins at home

Theme C: Family Institution 

  1. MARRIAGE is beginning of a Healthy Family
  2. MARRIAGE means accepting responsibility